Property brochure design for Penbury Grove

Property brochure design for Penbury Grove

Property brochure and CGI of Penbury Grove

Penbury Grove is a new landmark country house and estate proposed for a site in one of the most sought after locations in the UK.

Designed by the eminent architect Robert Adam of Adam Architecture, one of the leading classicist architects in the world, this magnificent new country house sits on a site currently occupied by an old school in the town of Penn in Buckinghamshire.  

The developer approached our studio as a referral from another client because of our skill and experience in bringing these types of properties to life.

Property brochure Design

To reflect the majestic features of the house, we designed and produced a luxurious property brochure using some of the finest materials and inks available. Generally used for high-quality art printing the paper was selected to showcase the detail of the CGIs that our studio also created as part of the marketing collateral.

Property CGI

Our studio created a complete 3d model of the house on our systems. Renders were taken from the model and edited in our proprietary software that we have developed over the last 20 years. 

The whole process was meticulous and highly detailed. By creating a complete model of the house, it allowed for any view that the client requested and showcased the architect's design in its full glory.

These included CGIs of the exterior elevations, the formal gardens, tennis court and the kitchen garden.

The CGIs helped the client communicate the size of the house and extent of the proposed grounds to potential purchasers.

Our dedicated team of artists created the property CGI after many consultations with both the client and the architect.

Although the CGI’s where primarily created for off plan property marketing they also proved extremely useful for other reasons including the ability to show different material options. For example, a potential purchaser was interested to see how the design would look with more stone added.

The purchasers taste differed from the original specification, and our studio was able to add features such as more brickwork and stone features accordingly.

In reality, this would have been cost prohibitive, but our visualisations proved a cost-effective and useful communications medium.

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